Our story starts a few years ago when a conversation begun between an experienced software engineer and a doctor. The doctor was unhappy with the technology provided by the vendor his practice had just purchased. Promises of making his job easier had not been fulfilled and in fact his job was made more difficult by the technology. He now had to spend hours on the computer to use this system. He was underwhelmed by the performance of the technology that seemed old to be compared to the software programs he used at home.

The software was not designed to make the doctor's job easier or improve patient care. What it did was help the insurance companies and the administrators. The clinic had to hire another medical assistant to help with the paperwork or should I say computer work. In addition, the clinic was still handing out papers for forms and education.

The engineer listened to the Doctor and together they thought of ways to make his job easier. Together they started planning how they could improve patient care with new products. As they developed these ideas, they involved more doctors and engineers and patients. As prototypes were evaluated improvements were made to streamline the interactions of the doctors with the system. As we received feedback from patients, improvements were made to the applications and patient portal. As a company we want to improve patient care while reducing the doctor's workload and we believe we have accomplished this with our unique and proprietary Connect 4 Life platform. The only system that analyzes the data input from patients and automates responses and alerts to both patients and doctors.

And the story does not end. For our current and future customers, we want you to know that we are dedicated to making the best Patient Engagement System in the world. We enable controlled doctor patient communications and content delivery. We want you to be in control of your communications and to get your message out.



Strategic partnerships
We recognize that in providing a solution around inproved Patient care, education and treatment, that we require trusted strategic partners. The performance and reliability of Connect4Life solutions is paramount to our partner's success.

We are proud of the relationships we have built with Physicians and clinics, and the large and rapidly expanding community of Patients represented by these organizations.

Our committment to you!
The true value of the Connect4Life System, beyond innovative software solutions, cloud architecture, and technology, is people. The leadership team, comprised of dedicated Phyicians, is complemented by a terrific group of dedicated professionals within software development, design, quality assurance, test, front-line support and professional services.

Our customers tell us that our people and our customer service philosophy are a key differentiator.

We look forward to meeting you,
Please contact us to learn more about Connect4Life and Connect4Life solutions.


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Dedicated Team

The Connect4Life Team is dedicated to improving patient care and reducing the ever increasing work load put on the modern doctor. Our team consists of technical professionals who are patients with families that understand the shortcomings and limitations with todays healthcare providers and their technology. We also have a strong doctor influence that drive our product development. The combination of which has created a unique view on the solution we offer. Everything we do is focused on effeciency. We want to save the doctor's time and provide communication to patients when they need it.

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